Well as I'm sure you all know, Coachella week is upon us! Coachella is the big kick off to summer, showcasing all of the new makeup, hair and beauty trends that are sure to influence this summer's style. Feeling inspired by festival fashion, I decided to put together some of my favourite summer beauty products and scents!



For those fellow porcelain foundation-wearing gingers who can't tan to save their lives, I'm sure you know that self tanner is a MUST. I just picked this up at Sephora a few days ago, and I was definitely not disappointed. I've used a million different self tanners -- including other Clarins products, but I think this might be my favourite.

It's a moisturizer and a self tanner all in one, which is a must for summer. While tanning you're also keeping your skin soft and moisturized. I like that this formula gives me a subtle tan, especially when applied more than once. There's nothing worse than having a noticeable fake tan, so keep in mind that this formula white in colour, and it may not seem like enough product at first, but trust me- you will get colour! With this product, less is more! I also have to mention that I love the fact that you can apply this on your face and body-- it doesn't clog pores and leaves me soft and glowing. Buy it here!



Makeup sprays are an essential for me. I love how hydrated and refreshed my skin feels after I use them- with and without makeup. I've been hooked on the MAC Fix + spray for the last year, but when I saw Pixi's new Vitamin Wakeup Mist, I had to try it. Anything for the skin that says the word "vitamin" I'm all over. I love this when my skin needs a little pick me up, and it's like hangover skin cure in a bottle! This product honestly makes my skin overall brighter and refreshed feeling- and it smells like oranges! (You guys know I love products that smell good!) Buy it here!



Speaking of products that smell delicious, next up is the TOO FACED CHOCOLATE SOLEIL BRONZER. It smells good, the colour works on all skin tones, it's the perfect matte bronzer or contour colour & this cute little compact is perfect for your purse OR your festival fanny pack! Finish the look with a light shimmery eye. I paired it with URBAN DECAY'S "HALF BAKED" and "TWICE BAKED" I applied HALF BAKED to the lid and defined the eye with TWICE BAKED by running it along my lower lash line and my outer V. Buy the bronzer here and eyeshadow here!



I really love this baked blush trio-- used all together, the colours give me a bronzed look with a subtle glow. Here though, I used the colours separately, adding the pink blush shade to my cheeks, the gold shade to my cheek bones and the shimmery white on my brow bone, nose and cupids bow. Buy it here!



This lip laquer is a super unique formula. It's a crazy pigmented laquer, mixed with glossy pearls and vitamin E, that stays put up to 8 hours. I can honestly say I was surprised with how long this stayed on-- I could barely get the colour off after 4 hours! But what I really like about this is that it doesn't just stay pigmented, it also stays glossy and hydrated for 8 hours. What usually throws me off about liquid lipsticks is that they tend to make my lips dry and cracked, and applying more than one coat can look waaay too cakey, but this product is the complete opposite. This lip colour in CORAL is also the perfect summer shade and adds the perfect pop of colour to a bronzy makeup look. Buy it here!



Last but not least, my favourite summer perfume! Daisy Dream is elegant and light with hues of fruit and flowers, this perfume includes blackberry, grapefruit, and pear. The fruity notes are introduced with a bouquet of jasmine, lychee, and blue wisteria, and a medley of white woods, musks, and coconut water reveal the base notes. This scent is perfect for everyday, I just love the smell of it! Buy it here!


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