I love oils for the skin- coconut oil, argan oil, and now one of my new faves, the Pixi Rose oil. This oil claims to boost the skin's natural radiance and elasticity- tell me, who doesn't want that?! It's infused with sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed and rose geranium oils that add moisture and glow. I've been using this oil at night after cleansing my face and in the morning on my under eyes and lips. I've noticed an improved skin tone and texture, and I love how soft and dewy my skin looks throughout the day. I will also add, that I use 2-3 drops for the face and this doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or greasy.



I'm not a huge fan of loose powders, but when I saw that Maybelline had come out with a new addition to their Fit Me line, I had to pick it up. The Fit Me foundation as some of you know, is my favourite drug store foundation (read why here) and of course, I was not disappointed with the loose finishing powder. For someone with naturally oily skin, I need a ton of powder. Baking my face with powder does work for me, but I hate using a translucent or white powder. I feel like translucent powder just makes me look cakey and even more pale than I already am. So, what drew me to this product was that it comes in a large shade range to accomodate all skin tones. It's super matte and keeps my skin looking airbrushed for hours. Keep it up Maybelline!



Working in salons and being an aesthetician, I've tried just about every brand of nail polish. I very rarely use regular polish because it literally chips on my nails within a day of having it on. Nail polish is usually something that I don't review or usually really have anything special to say about, however, this gel polish really impressed me. I noticed how nice one of my co workers nails looked, and went on to ask her if it was shellac or gel. She then told me that it was the Sally Hansen polish and that she had been wearing it for 7 days at that point. I was like, no way. So of course, I went and bought it the same day. And as I type this I've now had perfect polish for 5 days (which for me is a big deal). I'm suuper impressed with the quality of this polish. The price is on the cheaper end of the scale at 10ish dollars, and they have over 70 shades!



What I'm loving about this palette right now is how versatile it is for my makeup looks throughout the seasons. This is one of my favourite palettes at the moment, because of the lilacs, golds and warm light browns that work so well for more light, glowy, bronzed makeup looks (perfect for summer). While the the burnt orange, deep reds and browns are the perfect shades to transition into more warm, fall makeup looks in September.



This was one of the first self tanning products that I ever used, and to this day- still my favourite. The first time I tried it was probably about 6 years ago now. What I loved about this product was that the aerosol can has a spray applicatior that allows you to spray on the self tanner to make sure your tan ends up even every time. You don't have to rub in product with a mitt, just spray and allow to dry. Another thing that surprised me was how nice the tan actually looks. My shade is usually porcelain, so it's tricky for me to find a tanning product that doesn't end up looking orange. I found that this one has a really nice bronze colour. The bonus about this product? It costs $13.99!! I do however, recommend using an old bathmat or towel under your feet to avoid staining the floor with potential mist fallout. Other than that, LOVE this product.


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